8 July 2013

Oasis - Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

So.  Here too is my Oasis blog. We all did an album each. Check 'em out!
I'm late with mine, and that has nothing to do with any resentment I may have about the album I was assigned. What resentment? Read on...

Truth is, I could have ended up with worse. My general reaction to Oasiseses studio releases went something like this:

Definitely Maybe - Fuck Yeah! Oasis!
What's the Story? (Morning Glory) - Erm. Yeah.
Be Here Now - Meh.
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants - Hmm.
Heathen Chemistry - Oh dear.
Don't Believe The Truth - What?
Dig out Your Soul - Oh.

So then. Do I still feel "Hmm" about ..Giants?  Let's see.

According to a rumour I just made up, Liam wanted to call this album
"Fuck Bonehead and Guigsy. There's a song by me on this album".

Noel wanted to call it
"Let's get mashed and experiment".

They agreed to toss a coin, so Noel flicks a 2 quid chunk into the air, but it landed on it's side. The album now had a title. Except, the quote reads "shoulders" not "shoulder".

And it's not that bad to be honest. It starts with a pretty cool hard rock instrumental called Fuckin' in the Bushes. Different, but I liked it. Due to the departure of Guigsy and Bonehead, the album features a couple of Noel mates. The fact that the album contains a lot of psychedelic effects, loops, sitars and backwards shredded guitars is pretty cool.

But it's let down badly by it's lyrics. It's so basic in that classic Oasis way. I can see a liar sitting by the fire. Ha ha. But Liam definitely wins the anti Ivor Novello for the God Awful "Little James". I'm not gonna spend any more time on this travesty.

This is a very Grown Up Oasis album. The Singles (Go Let it Out, Who Feels Love, Sunday Morning Call and Where did it all go Wrong) are all however, mediocre. But probably obvious single choices. Problem is, when this was released in 2000, Britpop was all but done. America was on the rise. I saw Oasis at Leeds Festival in 2000. Frankly, they were outdone that weekend by acts like Foo Fighters,  Queens of the Stone Age, Eminem, Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit and the almighty Daphne and Celeste. Just kidding. 

So what made me go Hmm then? Well, I loved Gas Panic and Put Yer Money Where your Mouth is.  I liked I can See a Liar, despite the lyrics. And Roll it Over is awesome. In summary, this album is definitely for fans. It's nothing like the first 3 albums, but that could be a good thing, depending on who you are.  It's a radical, experimental departure, with not enough good songs on it.

This album gets:

6/10: Now I could see where you were going, but not quite there.

Official Oasis Website.
Buy this on Amazon.

Apparently, the Oasis albums will be coming to Spotify soon!

The End.

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