9 July 2013

Morrissey - Vauxhall And I

Let me start with this fact - Morrissey the person is someone that I find extremely annoying. His opinions about meat eating, the environment and other things just make me want to lock him up in a room with padded walls (although he is a massive Conservative hater as well, so not all bad - shame he is an alleged UKIP enthusiast). His stupid stunts like having old pictures of national front people at big gigs and generally being a tosser makes him someone hard to love. Musically though, that is a different matter.  His work in The Smiths and also his early solo stuffs is not too shabby as well.  At the time of this album, Morrissey had lost three close friends - Mick Ronson (ex guitarist of David Bowie), Tim Broad (video director) and Nigel Thomas (his old manager).  Morrissey in his over dramatic way thought his time was short as well and set out to make an album like no other that he had made before. 

This is a very dark piece of work, even against the legend of a man who wrote a song called "Girlfriend In A Coma".  This is not something to listen to on a happy sunny day. This is an album for the darker places of the heart, it is for the days when everything has gone wrong and you need to have something as mournful as the view of the world that you have discovered yourself in.  With the opening track "Now My Heart Is Full" it is obvious that the world is just too much for Mr M.  It does not brighten up on "Spring Heeled Jim" and it keeps on going darker with "Billy Budd" and even on the first single "The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get" (a song which is either about stalking or being dumped - or both maybe).  Honest, each time I hear this album I feel that the world is a little better after the end, but in a good way.

Now not all is fine and dandy in the world of Mozza here.  You cannot listen to this album with the slightest cloud in your life, in fact even if you’re happy this might not be for you. It is not a nice place; the overall view of the album is that the world is fucked and that the end of times cannot come soon enough.  However, if this is an album that is played at the end of time, it will still sound very pretty.  From the open track to the epic conclusion of "Speedway" (by far and above the best ever song that Morrissey have ever wrote) this is his best solo album, bar none. This might make the mark a little confusing, but in the overall scheme of things it makes perfect sense.  This might be his best solo work, but my god it is still a difficult album to love.  If I was asked where people should start with Morrissey, I would say here, but beware - this is not a nice place to live.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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You can visit Morrissey's unofficial solo site here

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