14 July 2013

Kiss - Love Gun

Now for the second post of the "Revenge" blogs.  This was picked by Chris Jermyn and is the sixth release by the American rock band Kiss.  I have a feeling that the one he wanted to pick for me was 'Dynasty' which was the Kiss disco album; however this is the one he has picked for me - no changing the pick! This was the last album to feature the original line up as drummer Pete Crisis was out of the band by the time the next album was released.  At the time of this release the band had been on the constant tour/album/tour treadmill for many years and the fans wanted more and more - this was their second album within 7 months.  Kiss obviously provided what the fans want (sometimes to the point of overkill and ripping off the fans with all the various tie in's and merchandise - but I will not go into that one).  However I will go on about Love Gun the album now.

This album does hold one bonafide Kiss classic song which has been performed on every tour since the release of this album - the title track "Love Gun".  This is the best song on the album; it is the Paul Stanley's most favourite Kiss track and is a quality tune.   Shame I cannot say this about the rest of the album to be honest.  Opening with "I Stole Your Love" and followed by the counterpart to "Goin' Blind" from Hotter Than Hell - the song "Christine, Sixteen" (a song which had Eddie & Alex Van Halen on the demo) go past at a nice rate, but they don't really stick in my mind.

The same happens with "Got Love For Sale", "Tomorrow & Tonight" and "Plaster Caster" - it is all well played, but does nothing for me what so ever. They are just nice song, but when did Kiss become nice? A few of the songs actually make me want to hit the skip button.  "Hooligan" and "Almost Human" are just poor songs which should not have graced the album at all.  I will also not even grace the last track with a remark other than this - what a shite cover that was! The only other song which comes close to the title track is "Shock Me" which was the first Kiss song to have Ace Frehley and based about the time that he was electrocute on stage in 1976.  It is a beautiful number with one of the finest Kiss guitar solos, if not the finest one the band has ever released. 

Overall, this album is not the worst Kiss album I have heard, it is not even the worst album I have listened to this week; but it is poor for their earlier releases.  It is a solid record, but it does not have the over the top or even come close to the previous five releases.  This is the sound of the machine consuming the members, the end of the originality and also the end of a golden period of rock n' roll.  If you need to complete your set, fair enough.  I do not understand how this went double platinum within two weeks of release and will just keep shaking my head at it.  File under - have you ever felt ripped off....

5 out of ten - It could have been a bit better

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