31 July 2013

Katy Perry - One Of The Boys

The only reason I'm reviewing this is because the rest of the blog team had a vote and decided I had to do it. It may or may not have also been because I posted my dislike towards Katy Perry's music and public persona. I'm sure she's a great person in real life but fucking hell, her music is the equivalent of wallpaper. It's just there...

This album came out and marked a change for her as the first one was a Christian Rock album (Now THAT would be worth hearing)! This is more of a contemporary pop thing which...I'll be honest. I find this bland. Very bland. To me, it sounds like they were going for a quirky vibe, a bit like Gwen Stefani when she was the level of quirky people tried to aim for (Remember, this was before the she-beast known as Lady Gaga redefined 'quirky') with a bit of Pink-esque edginess but they didn't even come close to that (Mind, Pink isn't without her criticisms but at least she has a great voice on her). Katy Perry seems to think getting by on her looks and quirky personality is enough, but unless you have the voice then you ain't nothing. The album also has half a dozen producers which makes it sound uneven. The one thing I'll give Perry credit for is she writes her own songs. Granted, she had a little help but at least she isn't totally manufactured. Mind, not all of the songs make sense. I'm not sure if that's because they were trying to go for the quirky edge, or sound mysterious, or are just untalented, maybe some things aren't meant to be analysed and are just there because they're just there? I dunno...

I'm not sure what else I can say about this. I want to give it the kicking it deserves but the truth is, I just find it so safe, bland, vanilla, that I just cannot bring myself to do it. There is not one offensive thing on this album.

Which is why I rate it:

(There is probably a photo we're supposed to use for this but I cannot find it right now - and just to clarify, I am NOT in any way saying the fine gentleman in the photo is bland, but we use a photo of him when we cannot think of a score to give an album).

Chris J.

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