13 July 2013

Exxasens - Eleven Miles

Sometime around the summer last year, I went on a really big post rock/shoe gazer trip.  I just could not get enough of the stuff.  One of the local DJ's who I talk to from time to time posted a few videos on my FB page for me to have a sample of what was going on out there. Some of it was ok, but Exxasens stood out by quite a country mile.  Something in the short track (well I say short) just spoke to me.  Exxasens started out in Barcelona as a solo project for Jordi Ruiz in 2007 to pass time whilst he was working on other stuff for his bands (Playmotive & Kyba). Within a year he was releasing albums for this and this one which is the third project was released in 2011. 

This album does like to make grand statements.  The uplifting solo work on each song is of an extremely high quality, the production job on this album is also amazing.  Songs like "Science Will Save Us", "Nebula Seven" and "Constellation" are all fantastic and make the shivers go up your spine - but the album feels like fresh light in the morning.  End track "Casiopea" with its more metallic edge gives this album a dark send off which is sort of contrasts harshly with the rest of the work; yet it fits perfectly with everything that has passed before hand here.  You cannot fault the performance or standard of the work on offer here.

However, even though this album is only nine tracks on the version I have purchased (there is a further two tracks on the bandcamp version) and comes in at around the 40+ minute mark, it is a bit repetitive at times.  The uplifting solo is used more than once.  However, when it sounds this good it is not a bad thing at times to have this type of de ja vu. Also, this is the only real problem with the album that I have here.  I love this album; it is a great piece of work and would be a fantastic addition to any post-rock record collection.  However, if this is not you cup of poison you might find it a little boring.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

You can purchase the album from here

You can get it from the band's bandcamp page here

You can visit the band's website here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

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