17 July 2013

Eddie Spaghetti - The Value Of Nothing

Eddie Spaghetti  is the (former?) frontman for Seattle Rock n’ Roll/Country/Punk band  Supersuckers. This is, I think, his fourth solo album but the first to feature all originals (When I Go, I’m Gone is a reworking of a Supersuckers song but I don’t think that counts). It’s also partly a collaboration with Jesse Dayton who has played guitar for several country legends like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson etc.

Musically it’s a continuation of the country rock the Supersuckers began with their 1997 album Must’ve Been High. It’s mostly acoustic but still very upbeat and bouncy, most of the songs will have you nodding along and singing the chorus for the rest of the day.

 The title track kicks things off with some eerie echo guitar chords and a lonesome harmonica, it all sounds like background music from Cult Sci Fi TV show Firefly, eventually the song proper starts, a lament of a woman who ‘knows the price of everything but the value of nothing’. If Anyone’s Got The Balls is reminiscent of TheReplacements’ country tinged punk rock and is all about taking chances. Next up is Waste Of Time, a song about doing nothing much. It has some nice slide guitar and a hellishly catchy chorus.

 Fuckin’ With My Head is more of a straight forward Rock n’ Roll song and is fairly self-explanatory, as is People Are Shit, an accordion-laden number that evokes images of old school barn dances whilst being thoroughly miserable.  One Man job is, ironically, a duet with Jesse Dayton.

So this is fairly different to a lot of the Supersuckers back catalogue but great in its own right. I stumbled across it by accident and I’m pleased I did.

7 out of 10 This is good and well worth a check
There doesn't seem to be any videos of songs from this album so here's his cover of a Dwarves song.
You may listen to The Value Of Nothing on Spotify here

You can buy it on Amazon here

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