31 July 2013

Druganaut - Druganaut

So, another album that has not been released to the general public. I feel spoilt a bit, but that is not talking about the album in hand - the debut from Druganaut.  Hailing from Newcastle, Drugnaut have been making a big noise for the last two years since their inception in 2011.  This album has been long in the works and it is soon to be released by the band (digitally at first, no word on physical releases.  Firstly I would like to thank the band for letting me review this before it is released; it seems weird to do on my behalf as this is not the most up to date and on the pulse blog, but thank you all the same.

What we have here is a re-recording of tracks from the band's first two eps with a couple of new tracks in the form of "Sex Face" and "Wretch".  Musically the album is more of the same from the eps, but with the sound beefed up a few notches.  Not that sound like much, but the sound quality has been massively improved from the first demos giving the songs a new depth.  Starting with "Smoke The Dead" you get the feeling that this band have been created with monumental levels of weed, whiskey and metal.  Pilling into "Sober Again", the band just keep on going, the ante is then brought up further by my favourite Druganaut track "Old Red".  Seriously, the riff from this is do good it rivals some of the sludge elite recent back catalogue.

Up next is the first of the new tracks "Wretch", a stomping little number which cuts the listen with the fast riff and quality work from the rhythm section, showing that the band is still writing quality tunes. After this, "True Story" comes to stomp all over your soul and beat you into submission before the ridiculous and truly awesome true of the old auto-erotic tale of "Carradine's Ghost".  Following hot on the heels of this is the last of the new numbers with "Sex Face" and you get all you need to know about the song with the title - the opening lyrics is "I bringing sleazy back", loving it!  It is another stomping song designed to make people move and drink as much as they can.

You might have noticed that I have not mentioned a ballad at this point, and I can confirm that I'm still not going to for the band's final two tracks on offer here - "Equestrian Dreams" and ""Denim Elliot".  The former is a slow and brooding number which has a punch and the later is an even slower, but it is heavy.  When I say heavy, I mean it is really, really heavy, and when they pick up the speed, it just shows how much this band has honed their craft. It has an intensity that I have not heard for a long time.  The performance from the whole band has improved in both terms of performance and sound.  As I have mentioned in the Arcite article, Newcastle upon Tyne has a vibrant music scene and the metal/noise crowd seem to be leading the way.  Druganaut have an important part to play here. As I type this, I know that on 4 August 2013, at Trillians is the next Doomsday all day show, which is being ran by the Drugnaut lads who are also performing.  If you are in the area, head down, it will be mint.  As for the album, I think the mark will say it all - and once it is out, do yourself a favour and get it.

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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