1 July 2013

Blur - The Great Escape

So in the spirit of fairness, and in keeping with the love/hate blog I have given myself an assignment I would gladly have given to anyone else.  This is an album I loathed when I was growing up, it was for me one of the most overrated and vile pieces of brit-pop culture to have ever been created.  The idea of this album being listen to for pleasure was as alien to me as the idea that banana's were a nice fruit, people go for bike rides for exercise and the word smooth was used by soul bands not with an added 'ie' and made into a drink. But things have changed, I have matured and I have experienced things that have enriched my life.  Now has this album improved in any way shape or form.....

Now I will want it to be noted that the song "The Universal" on this album is one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard.  How the band who wrote one of the biggest ever musical crimes also be the same band to bless those of us with the gift of hearing with that song at the same time and on the same album is a mystery to me.  I have never been able to figure out if it was part of the bargain that they made with the devil to release this that they had to make a masterpiece to hook people in.  Also, the songs "Globe Alone" and "Charmless Man" has a punky charm (I will go back to "Charmless Man" later though) and Stephen Street makes the songs have the shine and sheen that he is known for.

But this album has not improved in any way, shape or form. I have tried to view this objectionably here, but this album makes me want to wear my pencil headphones. Every other song ("Charmless Man" and "Dan Abnormal" are the worst offender of this) has a lalalalalalala chorus hook which drives me nuts after a while, getting Ken Livingstone to do a spoken word on "Ernold Same" is not a clever move as it makes the mockney accent from Damon Alburn sound even more ridiculous, "Better Days" would be better put down and I have not even reached the worst point.  "Country House" - the song I have mentioned in passing as being the worst song ever - has not improved.  As I have mentioned before, the guitarist is quote as hating this song as well - and he wrote it.  The fact that this album has one of the best songs ever on it and the worst song ever (I would rather listen to the "Friday" song which ran on YouTube yesterday) is proof that ying and yang really does exist.

I wanted to be fair here, I wanted to show I have matured and I have grown.  The fact I managed to get through this without breaking stuff might show that I have and that I can actually listen to some of their other work as well - but this is still one of the greatest crimes against modern music that have ever been heard by yours truly.  All the marks here are not a reflection of this album, it is all for "The Universal".  Without that song, this would have been the first negative scored album reviewed here.

2 out of ten - If only there was some quality control

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