14 July 2013

Arcite - The Escape Key

So this is an album I have heard a lot about for the last few months.  This is mainly because the singer is one of my friends on Facebook and keeps pushing his band (as a good musician should do).  Now I would like to point out  that I have not been asked in any way shape or form  to review this album by the band themselves.  I am doing it off my own back and to be honest I am doing it out of guilt as I have not even had a chance to see them live even though they play Newcastle a lot (as well as making inroads to the UK touring circuit).  My bad on that one, but now I can listen to them in my own time and I am also doing this on the release date - hopefully this will make up for being lazy/working too much.

Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, these guys have already supported bands such as Crowbar, Devin Townsend Project, The Defiled, Shaped By Fate and others.  They are out and out metal; no denying this and my deity are they good at what they do.  They are ferocious in their delivery and will take no prisoners.  Songs such as "The Murder of Crows" and "Removed" are colossal and will hopefully be igniting many a mosh pit up and down this septic land of ours.  The title track of the album is another moment of joy to these ears, I just found myself going back to it more often than the rest of the album and lead single "Perfect" is track that has been making waves on YouTube and for very good reasons.  Stand out track is Sanctuary; it is just such a quality tune that it leaves you struggling for breath by the end of it - beautiful.  The guitar work of Martin Webb and James Newton is extremely tight, the rhythm section of Mathew Dix on drums and Brian James is powerful and when needed just a subtle (ok, as a brick but in metal that is what you want). The vocal delivery by Kev McDonald is also very surprising and much matured (see I can be nice about him!!!).

Is there anything I do not like about this album?  Well, apart from one song (Shingles - just didn't work for me) it is a solid and in places exceptional, this is a well produced
album that does what some hyped albums usually fail to do - it delivers the promise .  I don't think that many people would be disappointed by this album and even fewer will find nothing to like on it.  Is it reinventing the wheel, well no - but it is bring something new to the UK metal scene which it needs.  It is bringing back some quality and passion.  In Newcastle at the moment you have some fantastic bands like Waheela, Def Con One, Nately's Whore's Kid Sister, Druganaut - you can also add Arcite to that list as well.  Each band is doing something different and also exciting.  I hope this album is beginning of great things for the North East and (more importantly) for Arcite themselves.  Buy this album if you are into metal, if they come near you go to the show.  I will be rectifying that as soon as I can.

9 out of ten - Almost perfect....almost.

You can purchase the MP3 from Amazon here

You can purchase the album directly from the band here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

You can view the video for "Perfect" here

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