1 July 2013

A day of rest - catch up and the launch of Love & Hate

Hello boys and girls! So how have you all been? (not as if I can hear the answers without a comment from ya) - anywho, we have been a little quiet for a few days due to loads of things like The Wildhearts, children, drinking, working - the usual.  First, I would like to introduce you guys to our newest blogger - Luke Dunmore -

Luke is a rather crazy chap, this is his evening dress. :-)  He is into most musical genre's up to (and including) eurovision. He used to run a Yahoo group called Irk The Purists named after a song by Half Man Half Biscuit. It was a really good board and it was how I met him.  Poor sod.

Anyway, as we have been quite and some of the bloggers have not been stretching their collective muscles - I have thought of a new homework assignment.  Due to lack of variety, I am choosing two albums for each of the bloggers to review.  One they will love, but before hand they will have to review one they hate.  The list has been given everyone - the only one who is excluded from this is Helen Carter, due to the fact the first blog she did was a New Power Generation (Prince) blog which I made her complete.  You should see the results shortly and to show I am being fair, I am currently in the middle of reviewing my most hated album ever.......

Once the hate blogs are up,  I will give the love blogs up (might not be what they are expecting) and after that they will get to choose one for me.   May the deity have mercy on their souls - there is already talks of  mutiny already.

Anyhow, let the blogging commence....


Current listening

Scott Walker - Bish Bosch
James Brown - Live At The Apollo

The Wildhearts - Earth Vs The Wildhearts
XLR8R - Inner Oceans
PiL - This Is PiL
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away

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