27 June 2013

The Killers - Battle Born

This band is one of those acts who court controversy in my group of friends.  A few of them think they are alright, a few love them, a couple want to wipe them from the planet for taking the Manchester indie sound and making it their own via Las Vegas.  I have my own thoughts, but let’s look at the band first.  The band was formed in 2001 and took their name from a fictional band in the video for "Crystal" by New Order.  They have made released four albums and are now considered one of the biggest rock acts currently on tour, selling out arenas and headling festivals across the globe.  This is their fourth release which was unleashed in 2012, and whilst some more refined blog teams might start at the beginning of a band's career, here at ATTIWLTMOWOS we tend to have a happy go lucky approach to this type of thing.  So, to start at the latest release and are the band ready for this battle?

Now when making this album, the band worked with five producers due to conflicting schedules - Steve Lillywhite, Damian Taylor, Brendan O'Brien, Stuart Price, and Daniel Lanois - which does make this album slightly disjointed in places. There are 14 recording staff credits on this album, some of the producers working on the same song. How did the band ever make a decision on this record!!! The songs might flow, but the overall performance and focus of instrumentation changes too much to make it a smooth and easy record that is The Killers usual standard.  Another thing which the band seems to have forgotten on this one is their ability to have at least 4 songs per album that will be single and standards to their lengthily show sets.  There is more filler on this album than on any of their other releases which have came beforehand. 

Now there is some shining moments here - all three tracks produced by Brendan O'Brien are the best tracks on this album - "Runaways", "The Way It Was" & "Here With Me" - just proving that this man still has it (even if "Runaways" has another two people working on it as well"), and I think that "A Matter of Time" is another attempt at a stadium moment, with the big hook ending.  The thing is that a stadium rock album should feel natural, it is not rocket science and it does not have as many people behind the desk.  By the time I got to the end of the album, I was left deflated by the album; it was not what I was looking for and just feels emptier than it should.  This does not work on the level that it is aiming for; it just falls short and as a Killers fan I find it disappointing. Hopefully it is a blip and they will get there gold touch back.  Only time will tell on that one, but the hiatus that they had between the last album and this one with their solo careers has not worked for them. It has just made them average.

5 out of ten - It could have been a bit better

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