26 June 2013

Nicke Borg Homeland - Ruins of A Riot

I have no idea how to start this - so I will do the usual background thing first then I will discuss the album.  Nicke Borg was the singer and rhythm guitarist in the glam metal/punk band Backyard Babies.  Between 1987 and 2009, these guys were one of the more exciting prospects coming out of the glam metal world with fantastic album like "Making Enemies Is Good", "People Like People Like People Like Us" and the awesome "Total 13".  After 2009, the band released their greatest hits album and have since gone their separate ways. This is Mr Borg's third release and first album since the hiatus of the Backyard Babies.

Ok, let me cut to the chase - this is awful.  This is sub Avril Lavigne before she dropped the skater chick look and went all out pop.  This makes Nickleback look like Discharge.  It has more in common with Simple Plan and that genre of pretend rock/alleged punk rock than the glam tastic metal/punk that came before hand.  As I have stated beforehand I love a well crafted pop song, and if pushed I would say that "End of The Rainbow" is the best contender for song of the album with its nod and wink to the wonder "Beautiful Day" by 3 Colours Red.  But it is a candle in an ocean of vanilla thunder.

Songs like "Out of Line" which start off with a great riff descend into utter bland nothingness quicker than an American Spy Network descends into chaos when it is exposed.  I came into listening to this album not knowing which direction this guy would go for, now I know and I will not be returning.  Come back Black Spiders - all is forgiven.

0 out of ten - This is proof there is no God.

You can pay over the odds for the Japanese import here on Amazon here

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You can visit his website here

You can listen to the album here on Spotify on this link

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