23 June 2013

Muscle Tribe Of Danger And Excellence - Eagles And Chainsaws

Muscle Tribe Of Danger And Excellence are a young stoner band from Zagreb, Croatia. All of the members already play in an assortment of other stoner and hardcore bands, so I’m unsure if this is a fully fledged band or just a side project but, whichever, it’s worth a listen.
Eagles And Chainsaws is their debut album and it’s available from their Bandcamp Page for the princely sum of no pence. They’ve recorded, produced and released it themselves however, so if you can afford to pay more than nothing then I’m sure they’d appreciate it.
I originally stumbled onto this band by accident whilst trawling the tinternet (with intent to acquire obscure music through wayward and nefarious means). Their name piqued my interest and I’m a sucker for decent stoner rock so I gave them a listen. And then another. And then lots more.
They play a fairly straightforward, hard rock-tinged, brand of stoner. There’s no meandering, psychedelic passages, no overdubbed fuzz, just head nodding riffs and belting choruses. None of the songs overstay their welcome; Most  are around the 3 minute mark, with album closer Ode to the Shameless One being the longest at just a shade under 6 minutes.
There’s a lot of melody in this album too, several of the songs have choruses I’ve found myself mumbling continuously to myself all day.
Opening song The Manifest starts things off in a mellow and relaxed manner, sounding like one of Monster Magnets softer moments. It gradually builds up the tension until it’s released in bursts, undulating in waves until the final, breakneck finalé.
Both Green Air and, debut single, Old-School Blood Trial barrel along with no let-up but Sympathy, Oregon and Rosemary’s Got A Crush slacken the pace, take a deep breath and stretch out a little. Both are probably my favourite tracks on the album.

The overall vibe of the album is mostly a positive and upbeat one and, with the possible exception of Green Air, they’ve eschewed the usual stoner theme of, uh, getting stoned. This is one of my albums of the year so far, and a surprise one at that.

9/10 - Almost Perfect... Almost


You can watch the video for Lumberjack Or Fisherman here

You can listen to and buy (Name Your Price) Eagles And Chainsaws from Bandcamp Here

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