7 June 2013

Megadeth - Super Collider

Megadeth are back and they're taking no prisoners! Ole Dave has got a bee in his bonnet and he's ready to tear you a new one in a sea of bile-enhanced vocals, venomus lyrics and whirlwind riffs! Nothing is safe so strap yourself in and get ready for the ride of your life!

The above paragraph is what we used to say about Megadeth. These days, it's more like "It'll be crap" because Megadeth are a shell of the band they once were. Mustaine is off the horse and has now found God and Republicanism (IE, the US equivalent of the Tories). This caused controversy as he dropped songs that HE WROTE which contain occult themes and has also refused to play festivals with bands who have names that are considered to be blasphemous. One is used to such douchebag behaviour from the man who whilst playing a gig in a mainly protestant area of Belfast, Northern Ireland dedicated a cover of "Anarchy In the UK" to 'The Cause' and has also got more chips on his shoulder than Harry Ramsden about being kicked out of Metallica (That in itself is an irony given that Dave Mustaine has more musical talent and prowess in one eye lash than Lars Ulrich has in his entire body but that's a rant for another time). Having said that, he also made some excellent music that made a lot of people happy. I myself rate Megadeth over Metallica (When comparing the first five albums as both bands went south after that) on the basis that Mustaine is a much better songwriter than Hetfield. So, after a career that's taken us through thrash, stadium rock and back to thrash, what is Super Collider like?

It's good. Well, when I say good, I mean it's not the epic fail I'd marked the album down to be. Don't get me wrong, it's not outstanding or anything but - and I know this isn't saying much - it's possibly the best they've sounded in years. One thing is for sure - there are a few good riffs with some stuff which is good but not quite there. According to the commentary, a lot of the music was stuff that was written over the years but never used and it shows. Not in a disparaging way but it does seem that they simultaneously try to go to everything from a return to the bands thrash roots whilst also going for stadium anthems and experimental stuff! Quite bizarre but at least it's not total crud. The vocals are as snarly/nasally (delete as applicable) as ever, although don't expect any 'Tornado Of Souls'-esque shout alongs. One of the songs ('The Blackest Crow') has a banjo on there which sounds horrible to begin with but it's actually the best song on the album. 'Don't Turn Your Back' is another good one and actually doesn't sound as bad as the preview would have you believe - the main riff in this song is possibly the best one Mustaine has written in years.

So, there you go. Not a return to the glory days of 'Rust In Peace', but more like a return to the eras of 'The System Has Failed' and 'United Abominations'. It's certainly not the worst thing to spend your money on. You could do better, but also a lot worse. Oh, just one more thing...Dave, eat some heroin because you turn into a right pussy when you're sober. Better?

7/10 - This is good and well worth a check.

Chris J.

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