14 June 2013

Lisa Loeb - No Fairy Tale

A blast from the past here from Ms Lisa Loeb.  For some people (especially in the UK) she is a one hit wonder, with the song called "Stay (I Miss You)" which was used in the film Reality Bites.  She had query glasses before they became a fashion statement and her musical was very much of the 90's. However, she has made a nice little career for herself - she has made 11 albums out, had a cookery show which she did with Dweezil Zappa (who she used to date), has her own glasses collection, does children's album and is just a very busy lady.  I have not kept up with lots of her stuff I must be honest, but I was channel hopping on the radio the other day and the title track came on.  So I decided to give the album a list to see if anything has really changed since I last encountered this lady.

Now I will have to confess that I have a soft spot for indie female singers, and this album is a little more edgy than her other stuff.  When I say edgy I do mean that it is as soft as sticky toffee in a Scotsman's pocket in August during the sunny season, but for Ms Loeb it is practically hardcore punk compared to her other stuff. The subject matter is love, lost love, unrequited love, how she was loved in the 90's - the usual 90's alternative themes (and most other pop music if we are honest).  Produced by Chad Gilbert (from New Found Glory) and Loeb herself.  There are some really fun moments on here like "A Hot Minute" when she says she will stalk some fella she has fell for in a car giving him her saddest look, you have her talking about how people come up to her and note her one hit wonder period in "The 90's" and also how she can be a bit of a letdown too on "Ami, I'm Sorry".  All the songs are about the three minute mark and never last long enough to outstay their welcome.

Now personally I like this album a lot, it is fun and full of numbers that remind me of other times, but I would not recommend this to everyone.  It is very retro in feel even though it was only released this year.  I feel like there has not been a real progression in musical terms for Ms Loeb since I last listened to her, although her voice has dropped an octave or two (not a complaint, just an observation).  I cannot fault it, the songs are well played, and some of them are stuck in my head as I write this, but I wanted something more from this.  As much as I am loving "Sick, Sick, Sick", I know that it is not essential to my life and that I have heard it done before (and better if I am honest).  As I said, it is a fun little album, but it is a little bit shallow and not any deeper than the top layer you get.  If you remember Ms Loeb the first time around or your already a fan, you will lap this up (this includes me in this group); however if you have never heard of Ms Loeb, I would recommend checking out some of her earlier stuff.  File this under keeping myself busy by trying to reclaim my glory years.

6 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

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