3 June 2013

FEARhouse - Wargames/Hideaway (Single)

So this is something I have been promising to do for just under a month. Sorry for the delay to FEARhouse, there has been some downtime issues for the All The Time people - however, it is here as I have promised.  This is debut single from Newcastle upon Tyne's FEARhouse.  From what I can see (and what I know), they have been going since around 2011 and have been gigging since 2012.  Their style has a lot of different element - trash metal, groove metal & doom indie....sorry, typo there - I mean metal.  What you have here is two tracks of top quality which would have a mosh pit starting at any point. Hideaway is the faster paced song, whilst Wargames is just plain old Sabbath worship at its best.  This is a good sample of what the band does and you can download it for free on their Bandcamp page (link given below).  As with most singles it is sort and to the point; however it just makes me more interested in where the band goes next. Also if it came down to it I prefer Wargames - it is a quality tune, as is Hideaway but for me Wargames with its tone and fantastic pace just edges it.

4 out of five - This is really good, check it out now, NOW I SAY!!!!

Here is a link to the band's Reverbnation page

You can download the single from the FEARhouse bandcamp page here

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