10 June 2013

Beady Eye - BE

Now some of you may remember my last review of Beady Eye's first album. I was not too kind to them, and I still stand by that argument. The main reason for that was that the first album is its shite - I make no hiding of the fact I was very underwhelmed by that turd and also made a point of the fact that Liam Gallagher has gone on the record and stated he will quit music if this album crashes and burns. Now to me that seems like a dream I can only hope to happen, but I will put aside my person feelings for the vile man of mono-tone doom and listen to this album with an open mind.  Now two things have made me want to listen to this - 1 - Has Beady Eye moved out of the shadow of Noel Gallagher and - 2 - the production job was done by Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio, a band that I will be reviewing at some point.  This is an interesting combination; it is not a tried and tested rock producer, but someone with a more laid back approach to music. So how has it worked out for everyone concerned?

First things first - this is an improvement on the first album.  Just like the third Transformers movie was an improvement on the second one.  The opening track "Flick of The Finger" is a million miles away from the last album, and this continues throughout the album.  They have stepped away from trying to be Oasis junior which is what they should have done in the first place.  Obviously I still wish they were the Beatles a little but so do most English bands.  The production job is an amazing calling point of this album - it gives the whole work a kick which was missing from the last album. Also, I have to say that lyrically the album a lot better, even the obvious Noel bating "Don't Brother Me" is light years away from their opening crescendo. 

However, just because it an improvement does not make it a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination - it is a small step in the right direction, sort of.....It is a much nicer and engaging album, but Liam starts to sing and I want to turn the record off. He ruins it with his dull vocal delivery and the fact he is - well for want of a better word, him.  I really cannot describe how much of a better record this would have been with a different vocalist. Also, the ending of the record (the tracks after "Start Anew" are bonus tracks) ends with two slow numbers which take any excitement out of the album, even with the attempt at an epic solo on "Start Anew" which has been done much better by much worse and they don't have Liam trying to hum and being vocally gifted over the end of the album.  But overall I have to say I think that this is much improved, a better direction and once Liam quits and they get a new vocalist they will have a great career ahead of them. Come on Gem, you can do better than the monobrow.....

5 out of ten - It could have been a bit better

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