3 June 2013

Alice In Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Whenever people think about Alice In Chains, it is inevitable that the name Layne Staley will come up.  He was the lead singer of the band until his death in 2002 from a drug overdose.  So, I just wanted to get that out of the way and mention it now before I start the review of this album - their second with vocalist William DuVall, the previous album 'Black Gives Way To Blue' was a stunning dark tribute to their fallen singer and his shadow was cast long over the whole record, with this record, the band could flex its collective muscle and step further into their own light again.  So how did they fair on this one?

Musically, you can close your eyes and when you hear the guitar playing you will know it is Jerry Cantrell. He has one of those tones and style of playing which is impossible to confuse with anyone else. Also DuVall is a fantastic vocalist in his own right, and is much improved from his fabulous performance on the last album.  Yes, you do compare his vocals to Mr Staley (it is impossible not to do so); however to compare them is also a little unfair to both artists. DuVall has a deeper range and can be just as commanding, and he is not Staley, doesn't try to be and that is fine by me. I would not want a Staley clone, having a totally new man is fantastic. On this album there are some fantastic moments - "Stone" has a sludge-like bass entrance and is just hypnotic, the title track is a slow burning spider like a song which will be with you for days.

Now Alice In Chains have never been the most fastest of bands, you would be struggling to have a mosh pit to some of their numbers. However this album is not for a sunny day, unless you are spending that day in a pit...underground....with the curtains drawn.....and the lights off.....in the dark. It is such a dark album that it should come with a health warning that it might make you lose your cheery disposition. But saying as I never had one of them that is ok. I will admit that this album does not scale to the same majestic heights as 'Black Gives Way To Blue; but I was not expecting it to do that.  That was such a fantastic piece of work it would be hard for any band to do that, even a band as good as Alice In Chains - yet this is still a very good album and DuVall is becoming more cemented into Alice In Chains which is spelling good things for the future. However, treat carefully dear reader with this one - if you don't you might end up in a corner rocking backwards and forwards.

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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