7 May 2013

Ugly Kid Joe - America's Least Wanted

Like eating your own snot, fancying Daphne from "Scooby Doo" and pissing your pants, some things from your childhood are best left behind. Ugly Kid Joe may very well be one of those things as well. Or are they?

Ugly Kid Joe are perhaps best known for the smash hit song "Everything About You", which was used in the movie "Wayne's World". An EP followed which at the time served as an ample stop-gap (I've listened to that, quick review - 1/10, you really are touching the bottom of the barrel on account of the fact their unique brand of funk-metal gets old quicker than the guy who drank from the wrong holy grail in "Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade") then this album came out. As an impressionable 14 year old, expectations were high...

Well, at the time, the wait wasn't all that worth it as I was severly underwhelmed by it. I can't remember why but this time round - I can appreciate certain aspects of the music. It's played well and put together well and there is more variety than funk-metal. Vocalist Whitfield Crane shows an ability which he hasn't had much credit for. His voice is excellent, a nice range of notes without going into the stratosphere like other vocalists - no strain when hitting the high notes either. You can understand why Life Of Agony wanted him to be Keith Caputo's replacement. The rest of the band are alright, no great shakes or anything - but they manage to do a bit more than the funk-metal of the EP. They also go into more traditional rock stylings as well - which IMO are done a lot better than the funk stuff. As good as the album is, the stand-out tracks are the rerecordings of "Everything About You" and "Madman", "Neigbor" and the surpise - a cover of the song "Cats In The Cradle", originally by Harry Chaplain. Although it's a cover, it's handled very well. It also became a big hit for them.

So, all in all this tread back into my childhood wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's turned out a lot better than I thought. It'll never end up back in any of my playlists but a listen every now-and-again won't harm. And you got two reviews for one in this blog!

6/10 - Now I see where you're going, but not quite there.

Chris J.

You can get this album off iTunes.
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