13 May 2013

The collective blog & Spotify playlist!

Well, here it is - the long awaited (well, not really even that) blog from all of us.  What I did was ask everyone to do it pick 5 tunes and then write why they choose them.  Hope you enjoy the list and there is also a link to the actually Spotify play list for you musical delight/horror. Especially at Marc Richardson's first choice which I used as the opening track..... - Eddie

The Collective Speak..... - Link to the Spotify play list

1 - Theme to Terry and June - John Shakespeare. Bit of a departure to the norm of our Metal and Trip Hop tastes. Just hoping everybody understands the method in my mad reasoning. - Marc Richardson
2 - Panic In Babylon - The Brian Jonestown Massacre.  This is not a band I have been really big on to be honest.  But when I first heard this song in 2012 actually on Spotify, it just blew me away. Just a fantastic hypnotic drone piece - Eddie Carter

3 - The Adventures of Greggery Peccary - Frank Zappa – because it encapsulates everything that was brilliant about Frank Zappa in one 20 minute rock opera - Chris Chaney

4 -You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks - Seasick Steve - Option B from 3 Fished Laced-as it isn’t on the playlist, was the never to be second place but came into my life later-Sea Sick Steve-Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! Fucking hell but this is a belting masterpiece of life experience and homemade guitar, and I absolutely love it! - Helen Carter

5- Traffic - Sterophonics - It's just a lovely song. Nice, chilled out, and a bit sad. Good to listen to when I'm feeling a bit low, whether it's a low mood, or low on energy. I sing along to this in the car. - Pete Gray

6 - 'Replica - Fear Factory - Reminds me of the time after I'd left school but before I went to college. - Chris Jermyn

7 - The Prophet Song – Queen – this is the greatest song written by the greatest band in the world - Chris Chaney

8 - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues - Elton John - This was the track which kept changing for me, it has been a dozen artist and then a dozen tracks.  I picked this one as it is just a fantastic song and something that still gives me a feeling of joy like when I first heard it as a child many moons ago. Nice piece of piano pop from Reggie - Eddie Carter

9 - Set You Free - N-Trace - The best dance tune ever. Good video, nice and fast, just quality. Always makes me happy. I've heard some god-awful remixes of this, as well as some good ones, but the original version is perfect. - Pete Gray

10 - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith - Most emotional till last-Aerosmith: Don’t want to close my eyes (don’t want to miss a thing) Eddie knows why I picked this one-it played over and over again in my head –unbidden-not listened to recently-I didn’t even have an Aerosmith cd at the time-and I still get a big dopey smile on my face when I listen to it now :-D Heart shape. - Helen Carter

11 - Bye Bye Beautiful - Nightwish - First evidence I got that classical strings and metal could go well together - Marc Richardson

12 - Brazen (Weep) - Skunk Anansie - This was the first female singer I listened to as a young teenager who absolutely blew me away! Gorgeous song! Gorgeous woman! - Helen Carter

13 - Arise - Sepultura - Best song they ever wrote. - Chris Jermyn

14 - Telegraph Road - Dire Straits - Always love a good story and worth every 14 minutes. Where I started learning to play guitar properly, this was one of the first songs I was playing to. - Marc Richardson

15 - Faster - Manic Street Preachers - The first Manics' song I ever heard. I heard this in 1995 when I was thirteen. It was so different to anything around at the time. I loved it. As a 13 year old of medium intelligence, I had no idea who Plath, Pinter, Miller and Mailer were. I just thought the song rocked, and liked the line "I know I believe in nothing but it is MY nothing". I can't remember the media storm that was the disappearance of Richey Edwards very well. But like a lot of people, when the Manics hit the big time with 'A Design for Life' I bought the entire back catalogue and became obsessed with the band. On hearing the rest of 'The Holy Bible' I discovered I was not a normal kid, and as I grew up I learned a lot about the dark themes and ideas on the album, and what Faster was (probably) about. 18 years later, I still love the song, and I still have a soft spot for the Manics, who are older and wiser now, and may have left a few fans behind, but this song contributed a lot to the way I feel about music in general as an adult (of sorts). - Pete Gray

16 - Plankton's Lament - Lindisfarne - I choose this as it is a rare instrumental by one of my favourite band, short sweet and to the point. It also has some fantastic violin work. - Chris Chaney

17 - Within You - David Bowie - Has to be David Bowie 'Within You'. Not necessarily his best song, but it is certainly one of my favourites -because of the backdrop-the film the Labyrinth-the man himself. And no I didn’t notice the tight pants (consciously at least) until a lot later on-and even then it didn’t bother me so much as his eyes-but my goodness does it still send chills down my spine. I can remember watching it as a young kid, and then again on the big screen in the Tyneside Cinema quite recently-and I burst into tears. Not the reaction I was expecting-but then-maybe it was something I had been waiting for without realising it-and not even a slightly tipsy husband singing tonelessly (sorry bear) along could spoil it. Wonderful :-D - Helen Carter

18 - Greed Killing - Napalm Death - The song that introduced me to Napalm Death - Chris Jermyn

19 - Scattered - Green Day - Scattered is off the album Nimrod. I reckon its Green Day's best album. Possibly.  Either way, Scattered is a lovely tune. I identified with the emo like lyrics from a pretty early age. I think I was 15 when it came out. Anyway, the reason I love this song? It's just good. And the first song I think about whenever anyone mentions Green Day. Not Basket Case, which is well overplayed. - Pete Gray

20 - Salt Water Sound - Zero 7 - An obscure one but I love it with its multi-layered loops, electronica backdrops and ethereal singing - Marc Richardson

21 - Not For Want Of Trying - Maybeshewill - This song is such a statement, an instrumental which uses a sample from a movie called Network. It is very effective and it is also a good example of how instrumental music can be just as powerful as something with the most fantastic lyrics of the muses - Eddie Carter

22 - You Could Be Mine - Guns N' Roses - Got me into heavy music in general - Chris Jermyn

23 - Set The World On Fire (The Lie Of Lies) - Symphony X - For some reason, Spotify has this down as Paradise Lost, but it is by Symphony X and off the album called Paradise Lost. A mixture of Symphonic, Power, a little bit of Thrash and Prog Metal. I had been playing chords for about 15 years, and then listening to this encouraged me to start playing riffs. - Marc Richardson

24 - Eighties - Killing Joke - iconic song by the world’s most iconic post punk band – fuck you nirvana you rip off cunts. - Chris Chaney

25 - Go Tell The Women - Grinderman - I went down the route of a more off bit Nick Cave song. From the best midlife crisis ever recorded.  It is just a beautiful song which comes out of nowhere. Ends on a much unexpected note - Eddie Carter

26 - My Baby Is A Headfuck - The Wildhearts -This song is 20 years old. Or more! It's the first song I heard by The Wildhearts, thanks to a certain Woody. It's fast, bouncy, has awesome piano and guitar work, and has even taken on meaning at various times in my life. Without fail, I will request this every time I'm at a rock club. - Pete Gray

27 - Block - Machine Head - Call to arms during puberty - Chris Jermyn

28 - Alive - Pearl Jam - Why this one? Well- it’s because of the title. He’s still a humble guy-given his complete rock god status and amazing voice-and he lived through some pretty horrific stuff no kid should have to-and he’s Alive. Damn good ending to that story I reckon, and I am very glad I have had the privilege to not only listen to this man’s music, but to see him and his band play live. Has to have been the best gig I have ever been to-such a lovely atmosphere and a lot of fun I was completely caught up in the moment beginning to end :D - Helen Carter

29 - The Model - Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk really remind me of how futuristic life seemed when I was a child, through the medium of electronica.  Besides, talent German’s who knew.... - Chris Chaney

30 - Taste Aversion - Ginger - Had to be the last track. It is a fantastic number which is more Zappa than anything I have heard in many a year. When this was first heard by Chris Chaney he was amazed that it came out of the same guy who wrote Greetings From Shitsville. It had to be the last track for this list. Perfection - Eddie Carter

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