13 May 2013

Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP

So this is the first of the new EP reviews. Is there any reason I have decided to start with something that is now two years old? Well, when I was out the other week I was talking to one of my friends who got very offended that I had never listened to Skrillex and demanded and make amends for this.  This is coming from the same man who loves Scooter, Burzum and Whitehouse.  Skrillex is a producer from America who mostly remixes and produces records for other people.  This is a Grammy award winning album and the title is homage to the David Bowie album 'Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps). This guy has worked with artists as diverse as Lady Gaga and Korn.  So, is this stuff any good or is it all hype over actual context.

Now I must admit I wanted to hate this - not because of the artist and how he looks, or the fact he has worked with Lady Gaga. It was just to annoy my friend. He is a sensitive old hector and winding him up is fun.  This ep has a couple of amazing songs - "All I Ask Of You" (featuring Penny)" is a wonderful track which could have easily been made in Europe. It is so Euro influence that it might as well just have a picture of Mr Skrillex in Paris eating an Italian pasta dish and drinking some German beer. The title track so also a lovely little number, starting with a subtle fade opening and some great moments. Yes it has those big dubstep cyber attack noises, but that is part of the charm here.

However, there is little here that is keeping my interest out of the remaining 4 original tracks and 5 remixes! Yes it is interesting, and sort of ok, but I was not thinking whilst I listened to this that I was listening to the future. I was thinking of earlier house music from the 90's and 00's - apart from the slight dubstep styling there was nothing here that has not been done before and in a more effective way.  I am sure if I ever head out into a club and it is play that it will make more sense. Actually, some of it does make sense without the club, but outside of that environment it is feels a little lost - plus what ep needs 5 remix tracks that do not improve on the original tracks one iota? Oh well, let’s see what else Mr Skrillex can bring to the table.....

3 out of five - Decent, getting there

You can purchase from here

You can visit the Skrillex website here
You can listen to the EP here on Spotify here

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