16 May 2013

Monty Python - Monty Python Sings

"Once in a lifetime, there comes a music album that changes the WHOLE history of music albums. A feature so stunning in its effect, so vast in its impact that it profoundly affects the lives of ALL who listen to it."

Ok, I admit I borrowed that punchline from a film trailer, (the Holy Grail if you want to be so nerdish about it) as well as swapped one or two words over, though I'm desperately trying to avoid paraphrasing their work. But I always maintained that I would always do a comedy album and they don't come as high and mightily as The Pythons. Unlike the majority of their previous records, which basically are live recordings or re-working of their sketches, Monty Python Sings is an album where all six members show off their choral talents, so for the listener who's relatively new to this 40 year old genre of surreality and zaniness, this is only a snapshot of what the Pythons wrote.

Their most famous numbers are here, The Lumberjack Song, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life and The Penis Song (Not The Noel Coward Song), basically from their sketches and from the four movies. However, they also include a few lesser known but well versed tracks, like the Chapman sung Medical Love Song, where he bemoans his genitalia ("I've left my body to science, but I'm afraid they've turned it down") and Oliver Cromwell, basically a Cleese sung biography of the Lord Protector of England accompanied by a Frederic Chopin piano concerto. Noteworthy but very brief also are a few other gems like Accountancy Shanty ("It's all tax deductable, we're fairly incorruptible"), Jones' rather gradually annoying I'm So Worried and the Gilliam solo I've Got Two Legs before he's shot dead.

Galaxy Song (by Eric Idle) has an air of true philosophy about it while Knights Of The Round Table never ceases to fix me a huge grin no matter how many times I've listened to it. This is an album that you just can't take seriously whatever mood you're in, and if you do, then sucks be to you and paints you as a misery guts who should do well forging a career shovelling gruel and mud. It sets out to be how The Pythons want it - brief, epic and just downright silly without too much spam in it. Ni!

7 out of 10. This is good and well worth a listen. (Cheque's on the way Mr Idle)

You can buy the album here

You can listen to Monty Python Sings here on Spotify

You can follow the Pythons' activities on their official website here (Spam!)

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