16 May 2013

Lamb of God - Ashes Of The Wake

It is says that there this no bad news - the person who said that is obviously an idiot.  Lamb of God are probably now more famous for the death of a fan than their own music, due to lead singer Randy Blythe being arrested, put on trial and then acquitted for the death of a fan who staged dived at a Lamb of God gig in Prague, Czech Republic. This album was released in 2004 and is the bands fourth album in total. When this came out, the band toured the world on 7 separate legs. One of them came to Newcastle and I went with my mate as he was interested in Throwdown - one of the support bands.  When I saw Lamb of God I have to admit I was slightly terrified. Not because it was my first gig, I had been to many shows at that point, it was just the no-nonsense presence of the band and they just sounded so loud and crazy on stage.  It was a fantastic gig and I really enjoyed it.  So what was the album like that they released around the time?

First thing I want to say about this is that even with a digital make over, the production job by Machine & Lamb of God is really, really poor compared to what I saw in a live gig in a local hall which is not famed for its acoustic qualities. To be honest, it was such a letdown at the time I have actively avoid the band - it was that poor. With the digital effect it is slightly better, but it is not exactly what I was hope for from the band.  They were this aggressive punishing beast on stage, on the record they sound like an old battle scared solider who knows how to get the job done.  It is slow and calculating, well played (that is something I have never denied of this band) - but it just seems to be a lot of break down moments that you tend to get in groove metal without any of the actual groove going on.

Out of the 11 tracks on here, I can honestly say that there is not one song that does anything more than sound well play  , yet a little under cooked for these ears.  Maybe it is me; maybe this was where I got off the merry-go-around of chasing every metal band that was going. It is just always been one of those albums that I owe which just makes me feel so disappointed on many level.  The best tracks for me are "Remorse Is For The Dead" & "Now You've Got Something To Die For" and that is at a push.  My view on the album has not improved with age, and I feel from now on I will keep on avoiding the band, even if I have nothing but respect for the way that the singer has handled himself over the two years and the way the band have supported him.  If this is for you, I hope you enjoy it. I will be elsewhere.

5 out of ten - It could have been a bit better

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