8 May 2013

Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory

At the time this blog was posted, there is an advert on UK TV where a small cowboy is telling a lady in a supermarket about a man who has "expertises in cheeses". Its supposed to be an advert for some brand of cheese but it kind of ties in with the contents of this album - cowboys and cheese...

This is Jon Bon Jovi's first solo album, written and recorded in 1990 as the soundtrack to the movie "Young Guns 2". The story goes that Emilio Estavez approached JBJ with a view to getting permission to use the song "Dead Or Alive" for the movie but JBJ declined on the basis that the lyrics wouldn't fit, so he wrote a new song instead, "Blaze Of Glory". It's a great song which has probably been overplayed but not only was it number 1 in the US Charts, it's proved so popular that it even on occasion is played live with Bon Jovi (Or it could be Jon being an egomaniac for all we know). It's got a guitar solo by Jeff Beck which is excellently played. The rest of the album?

Patchy. More patchy than a tattered poncho worn by a gunslinger as he traverses the badlands in search of the nearest town. As mentioned, the title track is great but the only other two that stand out due to any degree of excellence are "Santa Fe" and "Justice In The Barrel". The rest sound like they were a) written about five minutes before recording commenced or b) Bon Jovi leftovers. I suppose it's possible as this album was made during some BJ downtime from the "New Jersey" tour and maybe JBJ thought they weren't gonna be missed but seriously, they could've been so much better. As mentioned, Jeff Beck plays on this - so does Little Richard ("You Really Got Me Now" - it's a rubbish bar-boogie thing), Elton John (Couldn't telly you what song though) , Robin Crosby (Same)...other than Jeff Beck and Little Richard, it's hard to tell where these guys crop up and whether their inclusions are justified or add any sort of depth or enhancement to the album. Bon Jovi were usually a very cheesy band to begin with (IMO they were wannabe popstars who were playing at being rockers) but the material on here even surpasses the day-job in the cringe stakes! My good mate Eddie Carter talked me out of getting this album in a "Three for £5" promotion in favour of Misery Loves Company and by Jingo, he was right! Having said that, if you're massivley into Bon Jovi or any form of classic rock then I suppose you can't go wrong...

3 - Not for everyone but played well.

Chris J.

You can get this album on  iTunes.
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/0S3K5vr34TNN7QbDnInVDw
Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blaze-Glory-Jon-Bon-Jovi/dp/B000001FYL/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1368114586&sr=8-5&keywords=Jon+Bon+Jovi

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