8 May 2013

Godsmack - Godsmack

So for a random choice I have picked the debut album by Godsmack.  Main reason for this is that I have never heard them before. At least with any real knowledge and with that said I do feel like I am watching a WWE promo video when their songs are playing. However, who are these strange people I can hear people say...well, Godsmack are originally from Boston in the USA and this album was their debut release in 1998.  According to popular rumour the band took their name from the song from Alice In Chains, the rumour started from the band and has since been denied by them as well. Musically these guys are sometimes classed as metal, but they are a hard rock by definition.  So what is the deal with these guys, are they are good, are they awful, and are they better than I was expecting or are they the new addition to the Blur Hall of Shame?

When this album came out it was (and still is according to sources) Godsmack's most successful selling album in the USA where it has gone four time platinum.  It is easy to see why it was these guys have been popular in America.  They could not have came from any other place to be honest, with a sound somewhere between Disturbed, Audioslave, Alice In Chains and Korn they cover all the basic alternative American alt rock/metal bases.  Songs such as "Immune", "Whatever" and "Get Up, Get Out!" have that sort of attitude which was popular in America at the end of the 90's.  When I said I felt like I was watching a WWE commercial I was sort of right as the track "Whatever" was used in advertisements for the final ECW PPV called 'Massacre on 54th Street'. For what it is worth the production job by lead singer Sully Erna & Andy Murdoch is decent and tries to make the most of the material which they obviously feel pride in.

But here is the crunch - it is just so dull. It sounds like discarded Disturbed tracks and the delivery whilst professional is very uninspiring.  I can see roid munches in parts of the world eating this up like those little pills that will eventually make their muscles turn to mush when they stop taking them.  It is generic to its very core, now generic can sometimes be what the soul needs.  Sometimes you need a basic type of music - the equivalent to a cheese and tomato pizza. This however is the equivalent to the last cold pasty which the bakery gives you, as charging you is against food health and safety rules. The most redeeming feature of this whole album is when it stops.  I want to have a positive to end on, but I could not find one.  The fact that this band ended up with ex-members of Amen (one of my most favourite bands ever) is more galling and makes it worse.  When I thought Black Spiders were awful, I had no idea such horrors awaited me.  Straight into the Damon Alburn hall of shame and my sweet deity if I hear these guys again it will be a moment too soon.

0 out of 10 - this is proof that there is no God

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