8 May 2013

Fight Like Apes - Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion

Sometimes you find a song which you love and never even thing to bother with the rest of the band's output.  I am sure there are some people out there who will deny this, but they are full of shit to be honest. I have been through the collections of the bigger music fans I know and there is always one mystery single which they answer "I never really got around to finding anything else out about them/her/him.....” For me, the latest in a long line of casualties is Fight Like Apes from Dublin in Ireland. Sometimes me and the rest of the people here wonder why there is not as many rock/indie/alternative bands around in the world - but nevermind, that is a distraction from the main purpose of this blog.  Is this album any good?

Now musically this is mostly like a new modern electronic punk with its attitude and a fire in its belly.  It is over in just under 40 minutes and with songs like "Tie Me Up With Jackets", the wonderfully short "Megameanie" and "Something Global" you gonna have a bouncy time if this is your cup of tea. When they slow down on tracks like "Lumpy Dough" the band does not lose any of its edge.  I was also surprised to find out when looking at the credit list that there are no guitars on this album, just synths, bass and drums.

Now for all of its good work and performance, I am not 100% in love with this album. It is decent, I cannot find any real fault with it - but I cannot find much to give praise for other than, it is alright and I feel that an opening album should grab people.  This doesn't have subtle claws which can dig into people’s souls - yes it has had praise (in Ireland, this album was extremely popular by all reports); yet it is just a good little album for me. Nothing more and nothing less.  Maybe there next move will be an improvement, there could be something special here, but I have a feeling that maybe this could be as good as it gets.

5.5 out of ten - It could have been a bit better

You can purchase one version of the album from Amazon here

You can purchase a different version of the same album here

You can also purchase the MP3 version of the album here on Amazon

You can visit the band's website here and purchase directly from them here - not tried them, so not sure if they work

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

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