8 May 2013

Don't Be A Stranger - Frutti Di Mare

Sometimes a name catches your eye and after the last review I just needed something else to listen to, so I went on Spotify I decided to see what my friends had been listening to.  So I looked at what my friend Mr Adam Potts (lead vocalist of WHLA) had been listening to - which he loves his noise, he also goes for some more out there stuff.  The name of this band took my fancy, so this is what I have decided to listen to.  Let's just hope that it is better than Godsmack.  Hailing from Stockholm in Sweden, Don't Be A Stranger come from an indie pop direction.  There is a little bit of folk and some simple rhythms going on, and according to the Swedish Wikipedia (they have obviously not stepped too far out of their own home territory.....I stand corrected, they have played in Norway and Zimbabwe).  So is this going to redeem my soul, or should I have given up the ghost and went back to bed after the last review.

Musically I can see a link with Anna Ternheim, who is one of my most favourite artists from Sweden. They have the whole harmony, epic pop thing going on which seems to be coming back into vogue with bands like HAIM.  I have a feeling these guys will be ignored, but upon my first listen to this album my soul felt instantly cleansed.  It is such a nice relaxing place to be.  The music goes from the Arcade Fire-esque "Home Run" to the almost jazz/blues "You Leave Alone" and the excellent opening "Perfect Problem" which just took my breath away.  The whole feel of the album is determined, positive and just all out brilliant.  The end of "Yellow Moon" even has a noise-esque solo which suits the whole work perfectly. This album is something special to say the least.

The middle section does let the album down a little bit, it just seems to slow the momentum of the work down a little bit too much and the last track "Bending" seems a little misplaced; but these are personal things/thoughts and not a criticism of the album. I cannot fault this release, it is a brilliant slice of Swedish indie pop which takes some interesting turns and has made this man feel musically alive again.  After finishing listening to this on Spotify I went out and purchased it straight away. It is that good and for all those people who like the work of HAIM; meet the band who blow these lovely ladies out of the water. Exceptional.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

You can purchase from here

You can listen to them on Spotify

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