4 May 2013

Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding

Beady Eye is a band born in a shadow, a thought after a storm, created in need not necessity.  When Oasis split up after the last fight between Liam & Noel Gallagher, Liam and the remaining members decided to continue on, but obviously they were not going to use the Oasis name as I am sure that would have cost more than they would have been willing to part with.  So they came up with Beady Eye and Liam come out with his usual statements about how they were going to rule the world and that he was - and this is a direct quote from an MTV interview - a million percent certain that they would be bigger than Oasis.  Now this is a big claim, a very big claim indeed as at that point (and still in some people's eyes) Oasis were the biggest band to come out the UK since The Beatles & The Rolling Stones.

Now this release was always going to have more of a spotlight on it due to the fact it was the remaining members of Oasis getting their collective change in the song writing sun.  Andy Bell & Gem Archer did 4 songs each, and Liam Gallagher did 5 of the tracks.  Now Andy Bell had been one of the main writers in Ride & Hurricane #1, Gem Archer had been in Heavy Stereo before Oasis and Liam was probably looking forward to stepping out of his brother's shadow.  The problem for this release was these guys have already by default been viewed as lesser writers than their estranged comrade in arms, Gallagher senior.  This was a problem I had when I first listened to the album, the quality is nowhere near as good as any of the Oasis albums and I do mean any of them.  This is not the forward looking release that was being promised before it was released.  The head is firmly locked in a backwards setting and trying too hard to outshine the past.  It is understandable why they were trying to beat the past, Liam has a big chip on his shoulder but I cannot fathom why this it was decided to make him the main person in this band.  He is not even the main man in the line of a fish and chip shop.  His voice is ok, but there is so much better out there in terms of his song writing and his vocal style. "Beatles & Stones", "Bring The Light" & "For Anyone" - you can tell a Liam song by the level of teenage school pad nonsense and trudge that come over the headphones.

However, the other two at least bring some interest to the table.  Bell compositions "Four Letter Word" is a strong opener and Archer wrote "The Roller" is a decent effort, but then Mr Bell let his short comings shine with "Kill A Dream" and "The Beat Goes On".  This is stuff that would have been good for a Hurricane #1 album and even then it would have been poor.  The only guy who comes out of this with his writing skills in tact is Gen Archer.  Whilst they are not anthems or stompers, there is nothing wrong with "Three Ring Circus" or "Standing On The Edge Of The Noise". But I do not find myself wanting to listen to them again, the only reason to visit this album is to see how they shaped up without Noel Gallagher acting like a school master, and they did not add up well.  What I would love to see is for the rest of Beady Eye to find a new singer as he is just an arse who will bring them down eventually.  However, he does have the press and without him these guys would be lucky to have someone bump into them on the street, let alone play medium size venues around the world.  Liam has said he might quit music if the next album flops and is not bothered what some spotty kid thinks of him.  Yes Liam, which is why you are always talking in the press and want people to notice you.  And whose song did you sing at the Olympics’ ceremony? That's right, your brother's - that shadow is long and you might need to apologise at one point, as Beady Eye is just not good enough.

2.5 out of ten - If only there was some quality control (all these marks are for the Gem Archer songs and the first one by Andy Bell)

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