22 April 2013

Type O Negative - World Coming Down

If you should happen upon a copy of this album, make sure you are in a REALLY good mood before listening to it as if not, it will literally make you depressed. It's not that it's a bad album, it's not. I happen to think it's the best Type O Negative album ever. But it's so heavy and hard to listen to...

Type O Negative were one of the finest bands going. Their particular brand of meloncholic goth influenced doom metal struck a chord with many people across the globe. Such was their reputation for being miserable, they were nicknamed "The Drab Four" but they also had a humourous side as well - albeit an extremely subversive one. It was almost like a ninja in it's stealth and ability to hide. They were a great band who should've been bigger than what they were. This was their fourth album...

The opening track is the sound of a CD skipping which goes on for 10 seconds before someone shouts 'SUCKA!!!' - then the album begins proper. And oh lordy, are they a bunch of unhappy bunnies this time round. It seems that the album was recorded during a bleak period in the bandmembers lives as the main theme running through the album is death. 'Everyone I Love Is Dead', 'Everything Dies', 'Creepy Green Light', being the main ones. There are also songs about drug addiction, going mental and making love to women while they're on fire. Honestly. The final track is a medley of three Beatles songs (Daytripper, If I Needed Someone, I Want You (She's So Heavy)) which by rights should sound terrible but it works. Mind, Type O Negative could've covered 'The Birdie Song' and made that sound murderous. And let's not forget the title track which is the sound of a nevous breakdown - but it's all incredibly glorious and shows the band at the height of their powers. Also, there are three musical interludes which are named after a body part and are suggesting the death that can come as possible abuse of that part. Sinus (coke abuse), Liver (Alcohol abuse) and Lung (smoking). They're ok - but very freaky.

Production is excellent as always and the band competent as always as well. Like I've said, I think this is the best Type O Negative album ever and they should've been bigger than they were.

10/10 - This is proof there is a God.

Chris J.

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