21 April 2013

Therapy? - Troublegum

Hi. I'm Pete. I'm new here.
I asked Eddie if he'd let me do a guest blog. Now he's gone and added me as a contributor. I'm immensely greatful for this, and promise not to let the blog down, and to keep to the high standards already set by my colleagues.
So. Without further ado, welcome to my first review.

I've been given the task of reviewing 'Troublegum' by the almighty Therapy?
For those who don't know, the question mark is absolutely necessary, and in my book, spelling Therapy? without it is like spelling AC/DC without a lightning bolt or at the very least one of these. (/)
Northern Ireland's Therapy? were heralded as a Grunge band, but they didn't quite play by the rules in that sense. I've always said they had a punkish style, as well as obvious metal influences. They've been described as the bridge between Metallica and Nirvana. Possibly accurate at one time, but Therapy? have evolved a lot to stay in the game, always on the edge of being massive without compromising.  Troublegum came out in 1994. I reckon I first heard them in about 97, and it was Screamager. It's probably Therapy?'s Teen Spirit or something, the one everyone knows.

I've not listened to the whole album for years. Screamager and Die Laughing are always on my playlists, but really the whole album is awesome. There isn't a song over 4 minutes on it. Every song is short, sharp and packs its own punch. There's a good mixed bag here, poppy punky stuff like Screamager and Nowhere, Knives is like Pitchshifter, well produced mini anthems (Unbeliever) and Grunge at it's best in Femtex and Lunacy Booth. And then Isolation.  Isolation is a cover of a Joy Division song, that I'd never heard until Therapy made me check it out. Sorry Joy Division, but Andy Cairns did your song better.

There are no songs on Troublegum that sound the same. But collectively, this is brilliant, and the running order is perfect. This is regarded as Therapy? at their creative peak. Troublegum is certainly way more polished than it's "muddy"  predecessor Nurse, and is Therapy?'s best selling album (well over a million now) but in my opinion, they have matured and evolved well to remain relevant. Like I said earlier.
So, I'm gonna score this now. And I realise that me saying that this is my favourite Therapy? album makes me sound like someone who's favourite Nirvana album is Nevermind, but this is MY review.  So here it is:

10/10: There is proof there is a god!

Listen on Spotify here.

You can buy it here.

Official Website.

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