21 April 2013

The Wildhearts - P.H.U.Q.

Confession time here folks - this is not the album I want to review. The album I want to review is called 'Earth Verses The Wildhearts', however I am going to let Mr Jermyn review that one for reasons which may become clear once he actually posts it on here.  Not that this can be taken that I do not like this album - I will reveal that later on in the blog what my view of this album - I just love 'Earth Verses....' some much that I almost got Mr Jermyn to review another one, but this is the way the cards are dealt. Now, as you may have seen especially with 3 blogs already that I have a musical crush on all things that Ginger Wildheart releases. This was the second full album that was released by The Wildhearts in 1995; at the time it seemed that the band had the world at their feet.  But then the soap opera that was The Wildhearts took over, original guitarist CJ was sacked from the band during the progress of this album, replacement guitarist Mark Keds didn't even make it to record - let alone onto a record and the drugs were starting to become more of a distraction than a help for the band.  They were certainly living in interesting times at that point.

This album has the band's biggest hit "I Wanna Go Where The People Go" starting the album, the song peaking at number 16 in the UK charts and the album itself peaked at number 6 that year as well.  From that point onwards you plough straight into "V-Day" with its amazing guitar work, riff building and duelling choruses that would have weaker mortals crying as it is so good.  There was a theory going around at the time that if this band were American they would have been ruling the airwaves. I do not reckon that this would have been the album to do this, but there tours were selling out, their albums were nowhere to be found them that chance, but it has so many class tunes on it.

There is the forgotten second single "Just In Lust", the lost third single "In Lillys Garden" that was not released as they were dropped from their record label EastWest at the time for reasons unknown and the awesome "Caprice" the albums crowning glory with its hypnotic rhythm and crescendo with all the amazing work.  Yet for all the good here, it is amazing to think that the band was on such a roll that they had enough material for a second fan club album.  This was due to the fact that they wanted to release a double album but the label bottled it.  This would have worked so well as a double album, but such is the way of record companies in the 90's and even now.  Afraid to take chances which the artists know will work so well.  But instead we get two quality separate records, yes it may not be as good as their opening debut, but it is a very, very, very close second.  Quality will always shine.

10 out of ten - This is proof that there is a god

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You can listen to the reissued version with complete b-sides here

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