13 April 2013

The Vandals - The Quickening

The Vandals are a band from California in the USA, who have been going from 1980 and they have been a name which was bouncing around in punk circles.  For some people they have never really reach the level of success that they deserved, for other's the fact they spend 20+ years on the road as a band is proof that there is no justice.  This was their fifth release in 1996 when they were tipped to take over the punk world.  So was the album any good?

Ok, this is going to be a really, really quick review.  The album is ok, but as you get with this sort of album and especially with The Vandals you do not need more than one record.  This album is pretty much the same song recorded in 15 different times.  It has some good moments such as "Tastes Like Chicken" and "How (Did This Loser Get A Job)", but I can honestly say that the album is not an important release.  If it was not in my collection it would not be poorer as a result of it being missing.

The lyrics are just about the same as every other album of their, something a little funny, some just plain annoying.  Now it is not a bad record, it is just not one I feel that I am going to want to listen to again anytime soon.  I would recommend going straight to the album "Hitler Bad, Vandals Good" which is their best release which goes above the usual leave that The Vandals have.  Considering that they have one of the best drummers in the world in their ranks (Josh Freese) this band could have been/should be so much better.  File under 'Would it matter if this was not heard'.

3 out of ten - Not for everyone but played well

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