19 April 2013

Superjoint Ritual - Use Once & Destroy

I am struggling to find an opening line for this one.  That is mostly because your scribe is not 100%, but also because this is sort of a strange release in some ways.  It is not that the music is unsurprising; anyone who has ever followed the career of Phil Anselmo will know he just likes to change the mix he has released.  From Down to Viking Crown to Southern Isolation - he has never tried to rest on records and never stops making music.  The man has already recorded a solo album which is coming shortly, so why did I start here.  I could have went for Down or even Pantera, but I decided to start here.  So what was the fuss about on this one....

When this first came out, it was like a breath of fresh air in some ways. Fast metal with a punk attitude and some fantastic little groove moments such as "All Of Our Lives Will Get Tired" and "Fuck Your Enemy".  There was not much out there which could touch this.  It sounded so feral and just manic with the relentless drumming from Joe Fazzio and bass playing from Michael Haaga are best shown on "4 Songs" which just bring the energy to a whole different plain.  Honestly, it is just relentless in its progress, the whole album is over in just over 49 minutes but the time flies very fast.

Is there a downside to this album, well yes and no.  The downside is that it does not really go any further than the first listen.  Some records have depth and moments which surprise you when they reveal their secrets after multiple listens - this is not one of those records.  It has its heart very much on its sleeve and does not need a chance to go any deeper.  It is here to make you jump around, have a beer, go in the pit and lose maybe a tooth or a limb.  It is a very simple record, but due to its lack of depth it feels a little hollow. Worth a check out for sure, but it is not a keeper.

6 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

You can purchase from here

This is not on Spotify, but I'm sure you can listen to it if you want to.....

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