10 April 2013

Sepultura - Roots

This album is an odd one as it's either the reaching of a pinnacle or the start of a decline. It's also the album that was set to catapult Sepultura to global superstardom until personal issues forced a split, but that's a story for another time.

Sepultura decided to continue the experimental nature of "Chaos A.D" with this record by recording with a real life tribe from the Brazil rainforest called the Xavante and incorporating other guest musicians such as Brazillian percussionist Carlinhos Brown, Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton,  David Silveria and Jonathan Davis from KoRn and DJ Lethal who was between bands at this point. The results are a (mostly) explosive mixture which sees Sepultura deliver their own unique twist on a style of music that was eventually to become nu-metal (Back in 1996, when this album first came out, nu-metal was relatively fresh and was more to do with extremely downtuned guitars and music that had an extra groove or two to it). It was also produced by Ross Robinson who did a good job.

It still sounds quite fierce - the title track still sounds like an absolute monster, showing that on occasion, one-string-one-finger riffing CAN be powerful. In fact, there are some mosterous grooves of downtuned brutality on this album. But there are two songs on here which seem very out of place. "Lookaway" is one of them as it sounds like a computerised cut-and-paste of a song that never made it passed the cutting room floor while Jonathan Davis mutters something over the verses and Max screams the chorus. The next downpoint is "Jasco" which is a classical guitar solo.

There is also the feeling that the second half of the album isn't as good as the first as by the end of it, you're thinking that the second half could've been so much better. Another thing that brought the impact of this album down is that Max Cavalera took the blueprint for this album as the template for the first FOUR albums of his band, Soulfly but in a much more watered-down form. Still, despite that and the slight let-down that is the latter half of the album, it's still a smouldering record.

8/10 - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart.

Chris J

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