15 April 2013

Rush - Clockwork Angels

The world’s biggest cult band - a title that this band wears with a great amount of pride.  Rush have been going since 1968 and have just kept on doing what they want to do without really looking at the rest of the world. They can tour the world over and not have a support band, which is good for them as they play at least 3 hours a night and have some weird set up for their amplifiers’.  On the last two cases they used washing machines and chicken rotisseries which were cooking chickens as well as playing music.  They handed out the chicken to the audience to eat.  Some people have far too much time on their hands.  Which considering how they like to do their music is really strange.

This album has been promised since 2010 when they released the singles "Caravan" and "BU2B", both of which are on this album.  Musically it is instantly familiar to anyone who has heard Rush before.  They are not going to break their own wheel, however it is still such a sonic boom to the head that they just seem to be able to do without resorting to anything as boring as a distortion peddle.  Now I am a little late to the Rush game, again just never had the time to listen to them and I was into shorter musical numbers when I was a child.  But I have to say that this album is so epic that it makes Lord of The Rings look like the TV listing in a free news paper. 

Standing out tracks - well there is so much chooses - but the one's that do it for me are "The Wreckers" and "Headlong Flight".  Geddy Lee's voice still sounds as strong as ever, the guitar work of Alex Lifeson is amazing and I will go out on a limb here and say that Neil Peart gives the performance of a life time on here.  Do I have any negative points? Not really.  I'm not really too bothered about reading the novelization that has been made along with the album, and "BU2B2" is not the best thing I have heard by them, but being a reprise of "BU2B" it is not that important.  However in the overall this is a quality release and worthy addition to the stellar discography of this amazing band.  

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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