19 April 2013

New Power Generation - Exodus

I was given my first cd to review for this blog and to be honest, I wasn’t too positive about it. Prince isn’t always for me, although I can sometimes see the attraction...

This is what Wikipedia has to say:
'Exodus is more of a pure funk offering, strongly influenced by the sound of Parliament and P-Funk. Although the tracklist boasts 21 tracks, many of them are narrative segues, leaving only nine actual songs. Of those, one is an instrumental. The album spawned three singles, hoever only one was released in the U.S.

This album still downplays Prince's involvement in the band, with "Tora Tora", another in the long line of Prince's persona's, as a background vocalist whose face is covered with a red veil (evidenced in the video of "The Good Life"). The front man for the NPG on this release is bass player Sonny T. who handles the lead vocals. Prince does provide lead vocals on 2 tracks, "Return of the Bump Squad" and "The Exodus Has Begun" using manipulated vocals and is clearly present on many of the spoken segues, although sometimes using a disguised accent'.
[accessed 19.04.13 @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exodus_%28The_New_Power_Generation_album%29].

Technical stuff interesting to certain folks and not to me aside-this is what I felt/thought of the album: His music is catchy-punchy-sexy, it’s raucous and it’syncopated,I caught myself boogying along at some tracks-kind of energising:)Good for doing housework to if nowt else. I won’t comment on the man, as I know nothing about him, but I picture a slick suave petit bloke,the origional metrosexual perhaps, surrounded by rappers who respect his style, and women in tight dresses and giant almost fetishistic high heels... “Shoes so high you’re scared”-squeal!!!

Not bad, thanks to Eddie I have been exposed to scatty varied conceptually massive tracks with instruments I don’t even recognise half the time, apart from the sax, and a real feeling of a huge amount of work, style, sound effects, voices, vocals, ego...all wrapped up in a shiney neat package.                 

From a woman of over 6 foot saying good things come in small packages-perhaps not- but this one certainly held my attention. It’s not for those of us who have migraines often, or who like bluesy/grunge/prog/opera/, it’s a sparkling, shimmering, citrusy explosion and the cover carries this somewhat wine tasting related metaphor through. People on a colourful city scape in gravity defying heels, this is a world I certainly wouldn’t survive in, but it’s one Prince obviously thrives in.

Marks out of 10: I’ll give it a 6-‘I can see where you’re going but (for me)it wasn’t quite there.

Available from Amazon here :-)


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