30 April 2013

Museum - Traces Of

Sometime in 2012 , on my Last F.M. account I received an email (a rare occurrence I can tell you for that page), inviting me to check out a band, and politely apologising if I turned out not to be interested.  Now I don't know if it was the fact I was a little merry at the point, but I decided to give it a check out.  The track was a demo version of a song called "The Law".  So, whilst listening and wondering how this band from Hamburg in Germany had wondered into my life and thinking about how random life can be, I made a decision to catch up with any album they would release. Which brings me to today’s blog and to the following crux - is the album any good?

What comes across with this album is their love of 'Interpol', 'Placebo', 'Depeche Mode' and 'The Smiths' - whether this is true or not it is there in buckets.  This band have sound that is so rooted in the sounds and textures that it could have came from no other place than that angsty-Anglo rock sound that the American's such as 'Interpol' were creating a few years ago.  This band sound so un-German it is unreal in some ways, but I also hear a lot of fellow Teutons 'Kent'. Over the course of the 11 tracks we get a variety of sounds from the grand opening of "A Feast Is A Feast", the superior "The Law" (which was in the ATTIWLTMOWOS top tracks of 2012), the indie stomp of "Eden" to the closing bravado of "Uncorrupted".  It is a very polished and a good debut.

However I don't know why, I find it hard to fall in love with this album in the way I wanted to.  I do like it, but maybe I was expecting more after the glory that was "The Law", and whilst the other tracks are good the rest of the album did not live up to that track for me.  With that said, I would like to add this is still an amazing album which should be making bigger waves around Europe and the rest of the world.  How it has not been picked up in the UK is beyond me and it is much better than half the rubbish which is currently being shown as the Emperor’s New Clothes.  For people blessed with the gift of hearing and taste.

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

You can purchase from here

You can visit their website here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

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