23 April 2013

Justice - †

A break from the metal - that is needed at times.  Hence for my love of Prince, Frank Zappa, Steve Wonder and weird electronica.  Sometimes I just deserve to have keyboards playing and making the world a crazier place. For some reason, Europe seems to be the place that loves to release the best sort of electronica which makes my heart flutter.  Yet sometimes I have bands that I should like, and they miss the mark on the initial listen.  For some reason, when I first heard '†' or Cross as it is sometimes known it just did nothing for me.  So what has time and a fresh listen done for this album?  Has the French duo finally won a place in my heart or am I not too bothered by the ramblings of crazy people who are just being silly for their own reasons?

Now when I first heard Justice it was on a dance mix CD called Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck:Boyz Noise.  Upon hearing it in the local shop I bought the only copy they had which was the one they were playing.  I was not popular but I cared not one jot - it was fantastic album and the Justice songs that were on the CD were just amazing. So when I first heard the album I was not as excited as the original mixes of "D.A.N.C.E." and "Phantom II" just did not live up to the mixes on the mix album, and because of that I put the album to the side.  Coming back to this record, I can see some really interest ideas. That bass sound is fat and groovy, the keyboard light and never too intrusive.  The stand out track in "Stress" and opening track "Genesis" is a fantastic, "Phantom" & "Phantom II" do work (but I will be honest I prefer the remix mix on Bugged Out! - it's just better) and the overall album is very well produced.

As usual I try to be balanced with my opinion and here is comes - whilst this album has improved, there is still some moment that just do not work for me. Anything that has singing on this album just does not work for me.  It just distracts from the tunes below, also "New Jack" just sounds like a toy cabinet falling down the stairs.  When this band gets it wrong, it stands out like sore thumb and is frustrating for the listener.  So overall this album is better than my first brush with it, but those other moments just making it slightly annoying.  Hopefully this is all worked out for their next album which I will be reviewing soon.

6.5 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

You can purchase the vinyl version of this album here

All other formats (CD/MP3's can be purchased here)

For some reason the band does not have a website, but they do have a myspace page

And here is their Facebook page

This is also not available on Spotify in the UK, but might be available in other territories

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