10 April 2013

House Of Pain - House Of Pain

Hip-hop is a genre that like any other, has it's moments of greatness. Whether it's the funky smut of 2 Live Crew, the social messages of Public Enemy or the tales of life on the streets by N.W.A, there is something for everyone. Then - you have this. An album which...let's cut to the chase - it's awful from a critical standpoint. This album came out in 1992 and caused quite a stir with their image as young Irish-americans out to have a good time and the single "Jump Around" receiving much airplay as well as the song "Shamrocks And Shenanighans", but those songs are the highlight of the album. The rest of it is a guilty pleasure at best - a mess at worst. First off - the beats and music are really good (Provided by DJ Lethal who would also provide DJ duties for Limp Bizkit) with a nice criss-cross of samples and stuff but the thing that let's it down the most? The rapping. Everlast (And to a lesser extent, his mate Danny Boy) simply cannot rap about anything other than their names, how much money they have, the fact they like the ladies, carry firearms of various sizes, they're partial to a drink or two, maybe even a cheeky smoke or two and that they're of Irish descent (As if the band logo doesn't give it away). Yes, these are subjects which may be quite prevalent in hip-hop but the fact is they both cannot rap with any degree of skill or flow and it makes them sound awkward and at the worst, shoehorned in before they entered the recording studio. the fact they released two more albums which tanked instantly. This album is the closest thing I have to a guilty pleasure but it's proof Irish Eyes weren't smiling hard enough.

3/10 - Not for everyone but played well.

Chris J

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