15 April 2013

Guster - Goldfly

Until yesterday I did not know this band existed.  They had gone past me and I don't think I have every even know if I have seen the name.  But yesterday there was a tour announced - Barenaked Ladies (meh), Ben Folds Five (Squuuuueeeeellllll) and Guster.  Not that I will get to see this tour, being on the wrong side of the pond...le sigh. But I can dream, and I had to hear this band just to see who would be put on a gig with these two artists.

For a brief skip through Wikipedia this band started in 1991 and has not even split just.  They have just kept on going and been releasing album ever since.  This is their second album and more guitar based than I was expected, given who they are touring with.  They are a very acoustic affair, nice and whilst being over 15 years old, nice and refreshing.  It is the sort of music which would be really good around a camp fire at the end of a day with a few beers.

Opening song "Great Escape" is just a wonderful little number that move the soul and makes this listener want to have a dance around, "Perfect" is just a great relaxing song and if you could still smoke indoors it would be a brilliant lighter song and stand out track "Grin" keep the good times going.  However, the album does drift into that this sort of music - the shores of predictability.  It is just too safe in places, not that it could be anything other than safe. 

But a few good moments on this album is not enough, it does not try to explorer the artists, there is nothing challenging here.  It is the equivalent of a cheese sandwich without any pickle, sauce or mayo on dry bread.  It is just a little boring in places when it could have been more.  I'm sure these guys will be great live with Ben Folds Five and Barenaked Ladies, but this is album might not be the best place to start.  It is not bad, just not that good either.

4 out of ten - Well it is alright, but still......

You can purchase it here

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