6 April 2013

Frank Turner - Sleep Is For The Week

Sometimes it is weird to watch someone go from playing your local pub and then see them performing at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.  Frank Turner is a UK based singer songwriter who used to be part of a hardcore band called Million Dead. After they split up he went on to forge a solo career.  I've seen him play the local rock bar called Trillians, seen him at the local uni supporting Biffy Clyro, at festivals and many other venues. He is a very unlikely star in one way; he is against the grain in many ways.  He is not pro-tooled and can actually perform his instrument of choice.

Ok I will get this out of the way.  As a debut there are a few tracks on here which just reek of filler.  Which is a shame as there was some amazing stuff on his first ep (Campfire songs) which would have been much better than "Back In The Day" and "My Kingdom For A Horse". When he is trying that little bit too hard on here, it just doesn't work. However, when he keeps it simple and at the more passionate end of the spectrum; that is when he is at his best.  For every turn which is just a little too twee - aka "The Real Damage" - he makes a wonderful song such as "The Ballad of Me And My Friends" which was recorded live at Camden Barfly.

Now some people say that debuts are easier than any other album to make. For me, it is not the case here - this is not as easy an album to love as some of his later recordings. I love "Wisdom Teeth", I get shivers when I think about "Vital Signs" as it reminds me of when I first heard it surrounded by a few people; however I have to be honest when I got this with the earlier eps - which you get hold of in the complication album 'The First Three Years' - I feel in love with the other stuff.  It is a decent opening album, but it is not great. I am still really amazed of how far he has come and it is sort of amazing to think of those early days. To steal part of a quote from John Cleese when he tells people he was a newt - It got better.

6 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

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