10 April 2013

Far - Tin Cans With Strings To You

Messer’s Jonah Matranga, Shaun Lopez, John Gutenberger and Chris Robyn - responsible for two of my most favourite albums ever.  I am such a fanboy of 'At Night We Live' and 'Water & Solutions' it sort of verging on the slightly creepy.  So you would think I would have their entire back catalogue. Well, until recently I thought I did - yet I now have to admit to the world I do not own the first two albums.  This will be rectified as soon as possible, but for now I will have to settle down and review what is their third album.

If you’re looking for a happy record to relax on a sunny day, you may want to look elsewhere.  The mood of this record is dark, depressive and mostly just very bleak. I have to be honest when I put this on I was in a decent mood, by the end of the record I was in the darkest of moods.  There is just a shadow of almost despair over this album that make it just not a nice place to be.  If this was the idea that producer and Brad Wood wanted to get across than it has done it with full marks.  Also this album was mostly written by Shaun Lopez with only small contributions by the others.

However this album has much more depth that it may seem on initial impact. It has hidden charms that take a much longer time to rise to the surface.  The album's stand out tracks are "Seasick" and "Joining The Circus" which just have such a sense of menace and misery that it would make a goth as if there was anything people could do to cheer them up.  I can imagine that at the time of these shows that the crowd would have been moshing and probably some very angry boys and girls with many issues feeling good that they had people who could relate to whatever it was that was hurting them.

I am torn a bit with this album, I do like it a lot - but it is such a down-trodden album I would find it hard to recommend to anyone who is blessed with the gift of a smile.  In one way it shows what Emo music should be, which is very good emotional rock and not a fashion statement; yet it is also a sign of how a little bit too much emotion can just take you to a very dark place.  Tread carefully kids, and remember things do get better - even when the bad times sound as good as this.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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