20 April 2013

Cough/Windhand - Reflection of The Negative

You have to love the random bullet game - I have about ten or more other albums to review on here (some of them almost done), and then I find something I have to talk about straight away.  Sometimes that is the way how it works, I get distracted very easily at time, but tonight I needed to go for something I had never heard of before.  So I went looking for random music to listen to and stumbled upon this split album - it is technically an EP, but it is being billed as an album, so who am I to judge - and was released by Relapse Records.

Now both bands are from Richmond, Virginia, Windhand have been going since 2008 and Cough since 2005. There must be something in the water up there for two very similar bands to come up around about the same time.  With this being only 3 tracks long, and still over 30 minutes in length it is a little had to get a real grasp on either band.  Cough open up proceeding with the 18 minute "Athame", which just has the same note going round and round, together with various layers of noise and feedback it is the sort of amplifier worship which sludge band have been in love with for years.  Even though it is only one track and has that constant rhythm going on, it is a fantastic piece of metal full of depth, a guitar solo that the devil is wanting back and a story that defines an age lots in the abyss.

Then we come onto the two tracks on offer from Windhand.  Coming out of the blocks like, well a really stoned Sabbath worshiping creature from the black forest, these guys pick up from Cough with the really short (7 minutes is short for these guys) "Amaranth" which has shades of Saint Vitus and my god do they do the sludge world proud.  Following with the psychedelic gospel that is "Shepherd's Crook" you just know that that when the main riff kicks in your in for a treat of the mind.  Now, in all fairness I do have to point out that if push came to shove I would be hard done by to pick between which of these guys I prefer (to be honest until the vocals kick in I would be lost as to which band was playing) - but I think this is a really good show case for both acts and I will be looking it both really shortly.  The kings of sludge are here, long live the kings.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

You can purchase from Amazon on MP3 (not on CD at time of writing)

You can buy directly from the band's label here

You can listen to the album here on Spotify

The Cough shop here

The Windhand shop here

Cough Bandcamp

Windhand Bandcamp

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