19 April 2013

Bathory - Under The Sign of The Black Mark

As some of you might know who comes to the blog on a regular bases, we do tend to like our metal a little more than is healthy.  It have nothing to do with the fact dance music or indie is awful - far from it, we just like metal a little more than the other stuff at time.  But sometimes I prefer to listen to a bit of Elton John, maybe some Frank Zappa and then sometimes I just want metal.  Just something that is dark, dangerous and makes the sounds that nightmares should be made of - but sometimes I'm asked for stuff I just don't want to listen to and for anything from the Black Metal genre.  But I have been putting this one off for too long, finally I am ready to put up the blog I have been meaning to do about the band called Bathory.

This is the third album by Bathory which was an exclusive studio project whose only constant member was Quorthon (real name Thomas Forsberg 1966-2004 RIP), he wrote all the music, the lyrics - basically Bathory was Quorthon and vice versa.  This album is held as one of the key moments in the genre of Black Metal.  For what it does, this album is 35 minutes of intense and passionate black metal that when the mood is in the right position it does the darkest soul the world of good.  It is dramatic, it is passionate, it is full of storytelling about the band's namesake (the song "Woman of Dark Desires" is about the infamous Countess Elizabeth Bathory and "Enter the Eternal Fire" is about making a deal with the devil), when I am in the mood, I love this album.

Today thought I am in the opposite mood when reviewing this, so I am feeling very, very, very conflicted when hearing this music.  At the moment I am hearing the poor productions job, I am hearing the monotints drumming, the guitar work which usually makes my soul shiver was making my mind want to escape from my ears.  How can an album be both things at once?  It is both amazing and dreadful today - and it is still going to get the same mark due to the way I know it is. This is not going to get a person who doesn’t like Black Metal into the genre, to be honest unless you have a leaning towards that music I don’t think anything will - but I do think it needs to be done at least once for anyone who thinks that they are into metal.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

You can purchase from here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

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