1 April 2013

Airhead - Boing!!

When I was a young 'un, I loved the song on this album called "Funny How".  I think the highest in got in the UK charts is #57, despite getting national radio play and being on a constant rotation on BBC Radio 1.  I travels miles to get the 7" vinyl single which I worn out playing so much.  It was one of those songs which had such a lovely poppy sound that it just stuck in my younger head and would not shift.  I was so in love with this song that I even at one point paid £25 for the new cassette version of this album which I never got to play as my tape deck decided to break two days before it arrived.  I have never got to listen to this album and thought I never would.  But it has now been released on MP3 in the UK after pretty much being out of print since about 6 weeks after it was released.  So has time been kind or is this as dated as a bad piece of cheese.

Back in 1991 before the September time, grunge was not around; it was just starting to make itself known.  Before that in the UK, indie music was king. Bands like the Wonderstuff, Happy Mondays, Inspirial Carpets and others were creating the big waves inbetween the usual pop nonsense.  This album was supposed to be included in that line up.  Song wise, "Funny How" is still the classic for this blogger.  I love it as much as I did back then.  Other songs which are standing out are "Counting Sheep" (which was the follow up single to "Funny How"), "Wish You Were Here" and "Easy" are all quality pieces of early 90's UK indie.

The production is not the best of the era if I am honest, but the album is standing up. This might have something to do with my rose tinted view on the band - I do admit that some of the songs such as "Scrap Happy" and "Isn't It Rich" are not exactly contenders for song of the year or even song of the day.  However when you have such little gems as "Everybody Needs" with its lovely little keyboard solo and such an almost pop innocence to their craft it is hard not to be captured under the charm of this band.  Yes it is a case of me being left under the spell of remembering my youth, but the album has delivered what I was expecting.  A slice of quality indie pop from the early 90's before everyone got a little angry and wanted to be tortured.  It is a shame that they only released this one album, but such is the way of things.

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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