9 March 2013

Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody

After the early review of Early Man, I want to go for something totally random. So I put in piano rock into Spotify and did a six degrees thing.  I have ended up with this album by a lady called Vanessa Carlton.  From the USA and as I remember at the beginning of the century she was hailed as one of the biggest hopes for American female singer song writers.  In the UK, she had one song which made some waves, but after that it went a little quite.  With a brief look over chart results, she still has had a career in America and seems to be doing ok (if not amazing).

This album came out in 2002 and past me by to be honest.  I remember the song “A Thousand Miles" which is a very nicely written piano pop song.  I have a really deep love of well crafted music when it is done to the best of the player's ability.  Now whilst I cannot fault the musicians on this album and the production I have to have a little stand about the overall quality of the whole product.

Safe is the word here, it does not even try to be sensual, sexy, moody, angry, it is so meh and boring it might as well be trying to lick a window with its own tongue.  Honestly, it is so dull it just makes the world slightly better once it has finished.  As I said I cannot with the production, but just because it sounds professional does not mean it has a soul. This is as soulless as the clay pig which is on my fireplace.  One song goes above the normal which is "A Thousand Miles", and even then it is so meh it makes me want to find whoever thought this was the future and show them the door. It is so middle of the road that it makes Coldplay look punk, dull with an extra helping of no imagination and in need of some sort of life support. Allegedly this was the high water mark.  I think I will politely skip to the end of the rest of the records. Avoid unless you really are stuck for choice.

1 out of ten - You really are touching the bottom of the barrel

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You can listen to the album here on Spotify

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