25 March 2013

Unavoidable - Unavoidable

Austrian hardcore punk..... Well I will try anything once at least. Unavoidable is the band that I am listening to at this point.  Mainly because they are going to be playing the local rock bar on the night I'm going out for my birthday so I want to see what they sound like.  From what I can gather on their Facebook page this band has been going since 2002 and this is their debut which was released on 2006.  Apart from that there is little to nothing else I could tell you about them.  Zilch, nowt, sweet fanny adams, nil pwa!

What I can tell you about them music is that they are hardcore/punk and sing in English.  Even before I listened to the album from the images you can see what type of band they would be.  They are two speeds for Unavoidable - fast as hell and slow break down before it goes fast again.  The only reason these guys would have heard about an acoustic guitar is from the sketch in National Lampoon's Animal House when one is smashed against a wall.  So no ballads, nothing below 1,000,000,000,000 miles an hour and lots of shouty chorus' and empowering messages.

Well, sort of.  The music is very generic for the genre (which as a whole has not changed much since its genesis) and you are not going to find a new type of wheel changer here.  They just put their collective foot down and go for it.  Yes, it is just one head long rush from one song to another, yes it does not have an original bone in its body that they do not own to Sick Of It All, yes I could sort of live without them. However, there is something likeable about the fact they are doing what they do. They are just a good honest hardcore band and sometimes you just need a band that excites you without having to change the world.  This album is pretty good to be honest, ok it will not be one for the ages but it is one to get the pit going.  When these guys come down to my place near my birthday, I will be down the pit moshing like a good 'un.  Who have thought that the Austrians would have it in them for this type of thing....

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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