4 March 2013

The Secret Machine - Ten Silver Drops

I supposed it had to happen at one point. There is only so many places that bands can go that there had to be an indie prog band. Well, that is not really true unless I have also forgotten Mercury Rev, Sonic Youth, ....And You Will Know Us By The Trail of The Dead and others. But this band seem to have their collective foot places so firmly in the indie part that it seems to make the fact they have a prog feel as well feel like a secondary standard. A back drop if you will.

Release in 2006, this piece of Americana from two brothers and one other colleague was very popular at the time and sold well on both sides of the Atlantic gaining many a praise. However, all was not well in the camp and one of the brother's decided to up stick to focus on his other band - School of Seven Bells. But that was part of the future for the band. So what does the album sound like?  Well, first off I have to say for a three piece they make one hell of a noise. The album only has 8 tracks on it, but still comes in over 45 minutes long with every track over the 4:50 mark. 

Stand out tracks such as "Alone, Jealous & Stoned", "I Hate Pretending" and "All At Once (It Is Not Important" are fantastic. If there is a problem I have with the album, it is a hard album to love with all your heart. There is no fault in the playing or the songs; it is a great record which I have purchased for myself and friends. It just seems to be a bit of hard work, a little bit difficult to have that moment of clarity. So instead of being a great record, it is a good album and that makes it slightly disappointing in some ways. However, whilst it might not make the highest of expectation, it does provide some great moments - for that I am at least thankful.

6.5 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

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