15 March 2013

The National - Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers

On my last blog I talked about how some bands just don't work on the opposite sides of the Atlantic.  For this one, I'm working on one that was surely born on the wrong side of the Atlantic.  The National sound as if they could have been created in any town in the UK.  That is not a slight on them or their American origins.  It is just that they are so British in some ways; I have a feeling that they may be secret tea drinks.

Hailing from Cincinnati in Ohio, these guys started out in 1999 and this was their second album to be released.  Now for me I did not hear about them till their next released 'Boxer'. This album was always an almost gonna be listened to - but something else always came up.  But today I have made an effort to listen to it.  This is partly due to the song "Trophy Wife".  This song was one of my favourite songs that I was listening to in 2012 (I operate a different system in regards to what music gets on my end of year charts.  It was just a fantastic little number which made my vow to give this album my full attention.

The pace of this album is sent out from the beginning note.  It is a slow burner; there is nothing manic and stoked up with turbos'.  It is all about tugging the heart strings, not about making you move. Songs like "It Never Happened" and "Fashion Coat" just work so well, that when the band do make a bit more of the rock - as with "Murder Me Rachel" - it really stands out.  This whole album feels like it is the beginning of a band that has more to offer and just wants to show you small pieces at a time.

The one thing I have with this album is that I know that there is more going on, there is more coming from it each time that I listen to it. I love the different layers of "Thirsty", I love the drama of "Trophy Wife", yet I know it is a mood album.  It will take it's time to unlock its secrets and it will be worth the wait. Until then, it has humble beginnings, yet it feels like it is moving onto greater things.  Whilst at time the Atlantic seems so big, works and bands like this make it seem a hell of a lot closer.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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