15 March 2013

Suede - Suede

If we are honest, some bands do not translate too well over the other side of the ocean.  In England, we do not get The Dave Mathews Band, Garth Brooks and others.  For the USA, they do not get out love of The Smiths, Oasis and Suede (in the USA known as London Suede).  Sometimes we really are two nations divided by a common language.  This was Suede first album released in 1993 and was produced by Ed Buller.  At the time on this septic isle, they were hailed as the natural successors to The Smiths and David Bowie (there was also rumours that the singer wishes he was Angie Bowie).

Listening back on this album is going back to my childhood, and I still remember the moment I put my original vinyl version on.  At the time it was hypnotic and amazing.  Now though, well let me go through the positives.  This album has many great moments - "He's Not Dead", "Metal Mickey" & "Animal Nitrate" all still hold their original charm and for an indie band a certain sense of menace.  Guitarist "Bernard Butler just owns the whole album and whilst he was with the band they had an almost Midis touch. 

However a few things have not aged as well as I was hoping.  Some of the slower numbers "Pantomime Horse" and "Animal Lover" for instance still annoying me, even more so now. Also at points when this band should have rocked they went slower than time. At the time there live performances were being famed for their rock n roll experience, but based on this album it might have been for their tea and biscuits atmosphere.  It drags what would have been a great album into an average one.

It does make me sad that the album has not really stood up to what it should have done, but it did lead to one of the darkest days of what was known as Brit-pop and will be looked at on a later date.  But to see a band in genesis and beginning to spread their wings this is a good start.  But I can also see why it did not make the other side of the Atlantic.  Sometimes you can be just a little too British for your own good.

5.5 out of ten - It could have been a bit better

You can purchase from here (the original version)

You can purchase from here (the deluxe version)

You can listen to the album (and also find the deluxe version) on Spotify here

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